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Fishpond applies 25 years of experience to understanding your needs and recruiting outstanding talent. We specialize in all levels of direct hire, temporary and contract placement in a wide range of industry types.

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Each individual is hand selected to best match your needs as well as your cultural attributes. Contact us so we can help you build your ideal team.

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Our recruiters work with local and national companies who are looking for talented people. We match your skills, desired company culture, and pay to your ideal professional opportunity.

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For more than 25 years, Fishpond Recruiting has been matching job seekers with opportunities in a variety of industries and specialties. We are successful because we understand the intricacies of hiring, listening to our client's needs, and the importance of matching both hard and soft skills. We have cultivated long standing company partnerships through a reputation of delivering only candidates you will want to hire.

Listen. Seek. Deliver.

"Kathryn Jordan is an experienced credible leader with the vision and skills to design winning recruiting strategies for her clients. Fishpond Recruiting succeeds in bringing parties together for the mutual benefit of all. Having worked with Kathryn for over 15 years, I personally have experienced the value that she brings to an organization, as a partner, and solutions provider."

Deborah Yount
Medtronic Cardiac and Vascular Group VP
Human Resources

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