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As a candidate, Kathryn at Fishpond Recruiting found a perfect match for my career needs.  After many years at a For Profit Corporate entity, Kathryn at Fishpond Recruiting was able to place me at Sequoia Living, a not for profit Senior Living organization, which was one of my personal career goals.  Kathryn made sure it was a good fit for both the organization and me.  I have successfully grown my career at Sequoia Living and have been an employee here for over 9 years in the Human Resources Department.
As the VP of Human Resources, I have used Kathryn at Fishpond Recruiting to help with the open positions within the Home Office and our various Communities throughout the Bay Area.  Fishpond Recruiting has found several employees that have fit well with the organization.  Over the past few years FPR has placed numerous quality candidates.  FPR is always willing to go the extra mile to find great candidates for some of the most difficult positions to fill.  I have always enjoyed working closely with Kathryn on candidate searches.  I view Kathryn as an extension of our HR team.

Mark Mizuhara, VP of Human Resources, Sequoia Living
Fishpond’s ability to understand and match the needs of an employer to the needs of a job seeker in an efficient manager makes them reliable for all hiring needs.

Vimal Srivastava Director of Program Management, Amgen.
The Fishpond Recruiting team is phenomenal. They take pride in finding top talent at all levels. They have strong relationship building skills that allow them to partner with managers and become vested in every job they work on. With their exceptional sourcing ability they find the best candidates quickly. I highly recommend FPR.

Keiani Emmons, Talent Acquisition Leader, Kaiser
Fishpond Recruiting candidates are always high-caliber and have been screened to closely match our needs. We appreciate their focus on work and that they are consistently very good at what they do. We also applaud their ongoing efforts to support non-profit, charitable organizations by donating a portion of their profits.

Laura Levine, Hamilton Project Manager Northbay Family Homes
Fishpond Recruiting is by far the most reliable and effective recruiting firm I have ever used. So good, in fact, that I now sole-source most of my positions to them. Kathy is motivated, creative, and passionate about her business and it shows in the quality of service they provide. Whether you are on a tight deadline for a specific position or are looking for that needle in a haystack, Fishpond can help.

Ellis Ishaya, VP Customer Success/Chief Customer Officer
I truly enjoyed working with you. You always presented all the relevant facts about the candidates and pointed out the strengths and weaknesses very clearly. More importantly, your follow-thru was exceptional as I never had to worry about subsequent steps once I interviewed the candidate.

Thanks for all your work. Tolga A, VP
I’ve worked with Kathryn for years. This work is her calling! She is great at finding and placing talent - regardless of how challenging the request. She is responsive and effective. I have referred her to numerous colleagues and I ALWAYS get a call thanking me for the amazing referral! The fact that nearly all of her business is referral-based speaks for itself. I can’t recommend her highly enough.

Donna Whittington, CEO, Endeavor
I’ve had the pleasure of working with Kathryn on multiple occasions over the last 5 years. Kathryn has been an essential part of putting together winning teams that operate effectively together. She has been able to find resources through difficult hiring periods and assist our organization to fill key positions. Kathryn is engaging and passionate; as my business partner she pushed me to dig into the skills, values & the potential candidates possessed to locate and select outstanding candidates. I learned so much about balancing what you are looking for in people with what I really needed to compliment my team for continued growth. Kathryn helped me do my best work. If you are seeking a powerhouse recruiting partner, dive in to Fishpond Recruiting.

Angela B – Ops Manager
Kathryn is a wonderful partner in securing talent for my business. The great thing about her is she listens. She takes my feedback of what I want in a team member and only sends those candidates to me. We have had great success with the team members she has found for us. Due to my location I was really having a difficult time finding people. Once Kathryn came into the picture that all changed!

James T – Store Manager
Thank you for your superhuman effort in developing a quality candidate pipeline. There has been a marked difference since you came on board to help A3V.

Tyler E, SVP
She develops strong relationships with her clients, understands the talent landscape and knows how to find the best of the best talent in the industry. She would be an asset to any organization. I highly recommend her! Thank you for your herculean efforts.

Gina G, Director of Talent
Over the last year we have gone through changes on how we hire, how managers look at hiring, and also how recruiting works with each VP.  I have had Kathryn Jordan supporting my area for a while now and just wanted to make sure she is getting some great props.  I am so very happy with how we tackled recruiting. We had 20+ open positions, but we got through it and now if you look at the current state, we only have a few replacement recs up and are very stable.  I wanted to reach out and say thanks, Kathryn is doing a great job not just supporting me, but my whole team!!!

Dan H, VP- Member Experience & Branch Operations
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